What is Facebook Blueprint Certification | Is Facebook Blueprint Certification worth it

These days, many users are confused about ,”What is “Facebook Blueprint Certification”, “Is Facebook Blueprint Certification worth it” or “Why should I take Facebook  Blueprint  Certification” 

What is Facebook Blueprint Certification

Are you still confused “What is Facebook Blueprint Certification “?

Facebook Blueprint Certification launched in 2015, A lot of professionals today are choosing Facebook Blueprint Certification to specialize in this platform.Facebook Blueprint is a certification program offered by Facebook to help online marketers, especially social media marketers. This program aims to support social media marketers to learn, understand, and get expertise in advance advertising strategies of Facebook paid campaigns and its related applications like Instagram

For  Digital  Marketer, There are 5 exams available.

1.Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate(Associate. 100-101)

2.Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional(Professional. 200-101)

3.Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional(Professional. 300-101)

4.Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional(Professional. 400-101)

5.Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional(Professional. 410-101)

Professional(200-101) and Professional(300-101) level exam launched in March 2020-April 2020

Is Facebook Blueprint Certification worth it ?
Why should I take Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Below are the several reasons to get Facebook Blueprint Certified.

1. The only Certification recognized by Facebook:- This is the only certification recognized by Facebook. If Facebook advertising is your primary focus then you should have this certificate to showcase your expertise.
2. Distinguish yourself from other marketers:- Earning the Facebook Blueprint certification means you have advanced-level proficiency in Facebook products and its services.

3.Improved Visibility on Social Media:-Facebook Blueprint Certification improves your visibility on social- media by attaching this certificate to your social media and LinkedIn profile.

4.Higher Impact:-Today, Many renowned clients want to work or want to give their Facebook marketing projects to Facebook certified experts. So this certificate will impact high on your client.

5. More Marketing Strengths and skills:- You will have to study and prepare to get certified, during this duration you will get much better knowledge and get more idea about different aspects of Facebook marketing

6.Job prospective:- Now many agencies requiring their team member to get certified in an aspect of keeping their jobs or get a better position.

My personal Experience:- If I will talk about my personal experience,I remember when I went for an interview, there the Director of that company was also asked the candidates,” Are You Facebook Certified”.
Along with the skill check, she was also asking about the Facebook Certification and she was giving priority to the candidate who are certified. For more detail view or know more about Facebook Blueprint Certification 

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