What is Digital Marketing ,Grow your business with digital marketing

Digital Marketing is not a small word. When we talk about Digital Marketing or we talk about “How to grow your business with Digital Marketing”.

Then first, we understand that What is Digital Marketing?

It is a way of improving the visibility of your business with digital mediums. 

Before, when the world was not too digitalize, that time to reach our customers, we did Traditional Marketing, but now the trend has turned, now people spend most of their time on digital platforms.

They spend most of their time on Social Media to connect others; they read news online instead of newspapers, now they are doing shopping through online websites. So now we need to shift our way of marketing from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing to reach those customers.

Digital Marketing is not just a word; it is a complete process to reach your targeted customers.

This is a complete process  “from taking your business online to selling your products”.

In this process, there are different aspects that you should know before getting your Business Online.

Some aspects you should know before start Digital Marketing for your business .

1.Types of Business ?

2.Types of Products as per user Behaviour 

3. What is Website, Different types of websites? 

4. What is Domain & Hosting ?

5. What is a Responsive Website? 

6. What is the user experience on your website? 

7. Which are the different -2 Technologies to create your website? 

8. What is Traditional Marketing? 

9. What is Digital Marketing?

10.What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing? 

11. What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing? 

12.How many types of Digital Marketing? 

13. What is Organic Marketing? 

14. What is Paid Marketing? 

15. Which type of Digital Marketing should I choose for my business, Paid, or Organic? 

16. What is the Onpage SEO? 

17. What is Offpage SEO? 

18. What is Hand Reg/Fresh Domain? 

19. What are Expired Domains? 

20. What is the difference between Expired Domains and Hand Reg. domains? 

21. Which type of domain we should choose to create our website or online presence? 

22. How to choose what is trending from 3 months/6monts/12months? 

23. How to find the seed keyword? 

24. What is Social Media Marketing? 

25. What is a Search Engine? 

26. What is Search Engine Marketing? 

27. Should I choose Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing? 

28. How to choose your first SEO keyword on behalf of the result? 

29. Which objective of Ad you should choose for your business?

 30.When should you retarget your audience?

Check out the attached video , to get a complete overview of “What is Digital Marketing” , “How to grow your business with Digital Marketing” and “What aspects you should know before get your business online”.

Some tips before start Digital Marketing

1.Business:-  First, you should choose the objective of your business which you want from Digital Marketing. On behalf of  objective and nature of your business  you should choose the method of Digital Marketing.

2.Clients/Customers Behaviour:-Now you know the objective of your business which you want from Digital Marketing, now you should have an idea of clients or customers of that type of business. If you have an idea who is the customer of that business, what is the behavior of that customer and how can you reach that customer . Then it will be easy for you to target your customer for  that business through Digital Marketing.

3.Types of Products:- With the aspect of customers behaviour ,product have two types 

(i)High Impulse/Involvement products

(ii)Low Impulse/Involvement products

(i)High Impulse/Involvement products:- These types of products are expensive products. Before buying these types of products, the user needs to think twice. If you have high Impulse products, then you need to retarget the customer, again and again, to buy that product.

Example of High Impulse products :- Real State Business, Real Jewellery products.

(ii)Low Impulse/Involvement products:- These types of products are low priced products. Before buying these types of products, the user did not think more. They can purchase these types of products at the same time when they see the Ad of that product if they need it.

4.Website:- In Digital Marketing, Website plays an important role. Your website speed can be the reason for more customers on your website/in your business.

These days no one wants to wait , if your website speed is not good, then the user will leave your website and will buy products or services from another website. Your website loading time should be less then 5 seconds.

5.Hosting:-Your hosting can be one of the reason for your website speed. You should choose a hosting plan which is suitable as per your website need. If you will choose low storage hosting and your website need more storage space to handle users request. 

Then it can be the reason for your slow website. So choose your hosting provider and storage space as per your requirement.

6.Expired Domains:-If you want to rank your website faster on search engine then you should choose a good score  expired domain.

Search Engine/Google basically test the fresh domain to place it on different-different pages to check users reaction regarding your website.Google send your website in Sandbox for few months to test your website.

If you want to avoid this Sandbox process and rank faster on search engine then your should choose Expired Domain for your website

Final Words:-

Digital Marketing is not just the use of tools , It is a complete process and procedure for “how to grow your business with digital Medium”.

So take care of all above aspects at the time of Digital Marketing.

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