Facebook Blueprint Certification Badge Update:-4th May 2020


Facebook Blueprint released an update on 4th May 2020 regarding their certification badges.

An email regarding the update rolled out to all certified members of the Facebook Blueprint community.
As we are also certified members of the Facebook Blueprint community, so we received this email regarding an update.

Before discussing an update on  Facebook Blueprint Certification Badge, need to understand that “What is Facebook Blueprint Certification Badge”?

When you pass your Facebook Blueprint Certificaton Exam, you will get a unique digital  badge from Facebook.

Your Badge is proof  that you are a  Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional  and sets you  apart from others in the Digital Marketing Industry.

This badge includes information about your certification and can be verified online

You can easily share this badge  on social media, your CV, your email signature and elsewhere..

A new look to Facebook Blueprint Certification Badges

Facebook gives a new look to its Blueprint Certification Badges.
Updated badges will roll out to new and existing certified candidates starting May 4th. Candidates who pass certification after this date will immediately receive the new badge while existing certified candidates will notice an update to their badges in email signatures and on LinkedIn in the next few weeks.

Check out a  new look of Facebook Blueprint Certification Badges

These updated badges will roll out to both new and existing certified candidates. 

Let's also take the previous look of Facebook Blueprint Certification Badges

Facebook Blueprint Certification Badge previous look

For  Digital  Marketer, There are 5 exams available, on the basis of those exams you will receive the Badge.

1.Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate(Associate. 100-101)

2.Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional(Professional. 200-101)

3.Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional(Professional. 300-101)

4.Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional(Professional. 400-101)

5.Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional(Professional. 410-101)

Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional(200-101) and Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional(Professional. 400-101)  launched in March 2020-April 2020

Candidates ,who will pass the Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam , he will get the badge .
That badge can be shared on Social Media, Email Signature and Linkedin , This Badge is proof that you are Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional.

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